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In recent years, the demand for herbal and natural nutritional products has skyrocketed worldwide. Living in a world with worsening air quality, and increasing opportunities to consume chemically or biologically contaminated food, people demand to eat more herbal and natural nutritional products. Moreover, people are switching from unhealthy food to more natural nutritional food. Also, the number of countries and regions that recognize the advantages and special features of herbal supplements in treating diseases is on the rise. These provide good opportunities right now to develop the global market of herbal and natural nutritional products.


DRAGON JADE will pursue to develop and distribute a greater variety of herbal and natural nutritional products which are more effective and safer. Since Asia is the fastest growing region in both sales and development of herbal and natural nutritional products, we will develop markets of developed countries and regions in Asia including Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore in the first stage. Then, we will develop the market of North America and Europe in the second stage.


We hold the belief that with their strong expertise in human biological knowledge and marketing experience, they would be able to provide the finest nutritional products and most trusted medical services for the betterment of human beings.


Selected Vegetables is the world’s first herbal mixture successfully agreed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to enter the phase III clinical trial under its supervision. The Phase III clinical trial of the Selected Vegetables is funded and officially supervised by National Cancer for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) and National Cancer Institute (NCI).


Since the clinical trial of the Selected Vegetables is the first-ever herbal mixture accredited with such status in the history, it also marks an important break-through for herbs as an approved drug and medicine in the World.


Selected Vegetables contains 19 natural ingredients. According to studies conducted by Dr. Alexander Sun, the inventor of Selected Vegetables, the median survival time of inoperable Stage IIIB and Stage IV non-small cell lung cancer patients receiving the Selected Vegetables treatment reached 33.5 months. This is much longer than the median survival time of historical data of other anti-cancer drugs, which is about 6 to 12 months only. In addition, objective tumor response to Selected Vegetables was also observed in many patients.


Depending on the intake dosage, Selected Vegetables can be used as a treatment for patients who have suffered from cancer to enhance their survival rate and to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. For those who have a family history of having cancer will have a higher risk of developing cancerous cells due to inherited cancerous genetic predisposition. Therefore, the consumption of Selected Vegetables is a great preventive measure to strengthen the immune system.

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Ultroid is the only medical device that is FDA Cleared, NICE Cleared, TUV Certified, and CE Compliant for the treatment of all four grades of Internal Hemorrhoids. It has been successfully used in more than 160,000 procedures with no reported complication. Ultroid is patient-friendly, physician- friendly. Ultroid is not costly so it makes economic sense for all parties; including insurance providers and care providers.


The Ultroid medical device consists of a small base unit, a handle and a dual-pronged single use probe that is placed in direct contact with the base of the hemorrhoid. The procedure works with the body in a natural and non-invasive way. A small amount of milliamperature electrical current is applied to the base of the hemorrhoid. A biochemical reaction within the vascular feeding vessels at the intracellular level of water, which causes the release of hydrogen ions (H2 gas) and hydroxyl ions or OH-. H2 gas creating a foaming, and the indicator of the reaction, OH- ion which results create a strong basic environment around the probe that result in a denaturation of proteins, a thrombosis of the capillary feeding vessels, and a chemical cauterization within the vascular feeding vessels of the hemorrhoid which is also known as ligation. The result is the destruction of the hemorrhoid as the body reabsorbs the contents of the hemorrhoid. The release of pressure and shrinking of the tissue leads to immediate relief for the patient.


The procedure does not require patients to stay in hospital for days and go under anesthesia. Patients could resume to normal activity right after the procedure.

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