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Number of shares issued: 57,023,319

Auditor: Centurizon ZD CPA Limited

Lawyer: Ortoli Rosenstadt LLP

IR firm: None

Financial year end: March 31

Why Invest in Dragon Jade?
Dragon Jade International Limited, along with all its subsidiaries, has a cutting-edge business plan to leverage the opportunities that abound in the burgeoning Asia as the Western’s medical and healthcare markets. The integral part of its business vision is set on developing a highly profitable presence in the American, European and Asia market by promoting better access and broader use of traditional Chinese medicines (TCM). Reasons of why it is worthy to invest in Dragon Jade are stipulated as follows: 


Proven and Successful Products

On an ever increasing basis, TCM has been tested by Western doctors and Scientists with promising or even astounding results. Over the past two thousand years, ancient herbal information was gathered, compiled, formulated, tested and handed down from generation to generation. It has evolved into an art form of its own. 


Numerous findings suggest that TCM has the capacity to address the underlying root cause of various medical conditions and turns out to be just as effective as certain conventional drug treatments with far fewer adverse effects. It can be used to expedite the healing process, and strengthen, support or tonify the body. It becomes abundantly clear that TCM is going to be the next modality and prescribed TCM formulas will be viewed as powerful therapeutic cures. Dragon Jade’s pioneering endeavors in promoting better access and broader use of TCM will definitely pay off and return of investments should be remarkable. 


Burgeoning Healthcare Market

Expertise in Complying with Western Healthcare Products Codes and Relevant Laws and Ordinance 


Traditional Chinese Medicine companies are keen to gain entry into the western country because product standards and regulations are higher. Acceptance in the West is viewed as a way of proving the quality of their products, strengthening their brand image and increase credibility in domestic and oversea markets. The professionals of Dragon Jade’s successful experience fortify its dedication on gathering international expertise, through interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration to promote the modernization and internationalization of TCM. Its in-depth understanding of how to carry out biomedical experimentation, clinical trials, systematic reviews and sampled surveys will surely help its selected TCM partner companies to meet the western scientific disciplines of medicines or healthcare products. 


Hands-on Experience to Negotiate with FDA and CRO

In the past ten years, some TCM companies have established a presence in emerging markets such as Russia, Central and South East Asia and Africa, due to their less-strict product requirements and regulatory mechanism. However, developing a profitable presence in the American markets remains the ultimate goal. Acceptance in the West is a way of proving the quality of their products, strengthening their brand image and increasing credibility in other market worldwide. 


The professionals of Dragon Jade have extensive experience in helping TCM to upgrade research, build clinical R&D system, and set up lab and manufacturing quality control. Most importantly, they have successful hands-on experience in negotiating with FDA and CRO (Clinical Research Organization). They have extensive know- how techniques to implement and comply with the prescribed codes of practices and relevant laws and ordinances. These merits will definitely attract generous funds and revenues in the near future for there are far too many TCM companies eager to seek assistance to help them deal with the tough FDA regulatory regime. 


Solid relationships with Chinese Medicine Practitioners

Since its inception, Dragon Jade has worked closely with various renowned Chinese Medicine practitioners and in collaboration with TCM companies to promote the modernization and internationalization of Chinese medicine. 


Our strength and dedication in fostering the modernization of TCM and our established tiers among experts through international conferences warrant strong competitive edges to leverage the opportunities that abound here in Asia and globally in the near future.


As a public company, Dragon Jade uses a transfer agent to maintain a record of the institutions and individuals that own Dragon Jade stock. The transfer agent also assists the company by acting as an intermediary to issue certificates to reflect ownership changes, handle certificates that require re-issue, and other important securities functions. Dragon Jade uses Pacific Stock Transfer Company as the company’s transfer agent.

Transfer Agent

Pacific Stock Transfer Company
4045 South Spencer Street
Suite 403
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Phone: (702) 361-3033
Fax: (702) 433-1979

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Shareholder Inquiries
Information on Dragon Jade common stock historical performance can be viewed here

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