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Dragon Jade Expands Into Healthcare Training Market in China

Hong Kong, April 19, 2018 - Dragon Jade International Limited (OTCQX: DGJI), a developer and marketer of next generation herbal and nutritional products and a supplier of medical devices and related services, today announced the initiation of a healthcare training division to address the growing opportunity the company believes exists in China as a result of the announcement in October of 2016 of Healthy China 2030.

The Healthy China 2030 program is extending healthcare facilities from China’s largest cities to the entire nation’s population of 1.4 billion. Due to the rapid expansion of the healthcare sector, the company believes skill shortages are intensifying, as the existing level of trained staff and training facilities struggle to keep up with the rate of expansion.

Service providers globally have sought to access the opportunity to provide trained staff and training. The language barrier, cultural differences and the sheer size of the market have limited the abilities of such international service providers to address the market.

Dragon Jade is launching this new business to provide training and staffing to the Chinese healthcare market. The Company will utilize its access to medical professionals, experienced in both Western and Chinese medicine, from Hong Kong and Taiwan, who possess the necessary language and cultural skills to provide staffing solutions to the increasing numbers of China’s healthcare facilities. The Company plans to run specialist classes and training courses with support from its network of industry experts. Further, the Company will act as a conduit for well-known foreign medical schools and healthcare institutions to bring their procedures and products into the Chinese market.

Dragon Jade is in negotiations to use a facility in Guangdong Province, in southern China, as its first training center. Dragon Jade is in discussions with various other centers and potential partners in different locations in China to launch additional training centers. The centers are intended to be a platform for the Company to showcase its products and services in China.

Additionally, Dragon Jade is exploring remote training options, including virtual and augmented reality systems, which would enable training of larger numbers of people in more distant locations, using fewer teachers.

Dr. Steve Lai, CEO of the Company, commented: “The opportunity to provide both basic and advanced medical training in China will continue to grow as healthcare is rolled out across China, and as the expectations and ability to pay for better and more specialist treatment increases.”

About Dragon Jade

Dragon Jade International Limited (OTCQX: DGJI) is an Asian headquartered international healthcare group. With significant experience and contacts in the Greater China healthcare sector, the Group is focused on identifying, developing and marketing products from around the world in the Greater China market, and applying its international experience, network and access to experts, products and services in the fast-growing China market.

The Group has a particular strength in next generation herbal and natural products, leveraging proven resources to enhance and realize the commercial potential of herbal and biotechnological discoveries. The Group continues to develop, partner with and seek out cost-effective healthy living products.

Safe Harbor Statement

This release includes forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements generally can be identified by phrases such as the Company "believes," "expects," "anticipates," "foresees," "estimates," or other words or phrases of similar import. Similarly, statements herein that describe the Company's business strategy, outlook, objectives, plans, intentions, or goals also are forward-looking statements. All such forward-looking statements are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in forward-looking statements.


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